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Welcome to our Tribe!

We get it! Going to a new yoga studio for the first time, let alone aerial yoga, can be daunting. It's ok, we've got you! 

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​Bring your friends or come alone. Either way, you will love our beautiful community of fun, and encouraging yogis who were also  beginners once (not so long ago) just like you. 



We love our meditation. We also love having a laugh and not taking ourselves too seriously. It's not about creating the perfect pose, it's about getting curious with what our body allows us to do! (You will surprise yourself) 


Many of our new students are total beginners to yoga. I am always impressed at how quickly students go from being super nervous about trying their first class, to becoming a ninja in the aerial hammock (and yoga mat). Most students experience rapid growth in their practice in only a few classes. 

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New student special

Enjoy 4 classes for only $39!

Offer for new clients only.

One per person. 

Student Success Stories

We love our Aerial and mat-based yoga classes here at Yoga Tribe. Check out what our community love about our studio!







I love love love Aerial Yoga with Nadia from Yoga Tribe! I never thought I would be able to develop the physical strength and courage that I have since joining the class. Nadia is an amazing yogi and teacher, always displaying patience and providing support to do only the best you can, whilst also providing that gentle encouragement to try and reach a bit further if you're able. Nadia's ability to 'read the room' and design classes to meet exactly what we all need without being told is to be admired. Yin Yoga is another fave. But whatever your level, or experience with yoga, Nadia would be the best person to get you on your yogi journey. Thanks so much Nadia!

I am so grateful for discovering Yoga Tribe! It’s created a hobby I never knew I needed. At first I struggled with the feeling of the silk, as I was used to mat based yoga. After some practice and guidance from Nadia, this is something I got used to. Nadia always provides options/modifications for each pose to make everyone feel comfortable or challenged. I look forward to every session because it is such a fun way to get a workout. I am beginning to notice differences in my flexibility, balance and strength but also my confidence to try new poses. The studio is an amazing space - with a maximum of 8 people per class, it really feels like you get enough support when you need it and it never feels crowded. Nadia makes an effort to get to know everyone who participates and is very understanding of everyone’s different needs. She is light hearted and has a laugh along with us. I really appreciate the space she has created at Yoga Tribe :)

I was very nervous about trying aerial yoga. I’ve never been the most coordinated or strongest person, but I’ve done plenty of mat based yoga, so I took the plunge. Nadia is an amazing teacher. Patient, thoughtful and flexible. She makes me feel safe and comfortable as a student when I’m in the silk. I’ve now done plenty of classes! I’ve loved them all and have seen myself get stronger and more confident in challenging flows and poses. Being a nurse and shift worker, the 10 class pass has been perfect for my ever changing schedule. I would 110% recommend Nadia’s classes whether they be on the most or up in the silks.

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