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Sankalpa – Soulful intention setting.

How to create meaningful change.

Have you ever tried to set a goal or change a habit but have been unsuccessful? And then you criticized yourself for not being not being disciplined or committed enough because you slipped back into your old routine. Changing or creating a habit requires not only conscious thought and effort, but also a belief that you can create a life you desire.

Kalpa means vow. San means highest truth. When you are setting a Sankalpa, it is an intention or resolve based on your highest truth. On becoming the best version of you. When you set a goal, it is important to do the inner work so that you can truly understand the purpose behind this resolve and how it is aligned with your values. If we don’t understand the WHY behind our behaviour, it is very difficult to cultivate long lasting change.

Our Sankalpa supports our Dharma, or true purpose. When we live a life that is aligned with our true purpose, we are creative, inspired, abundant and become truest, most authentic selves. We have a clear focus on our purpose, and there is no room left to overthink or worry about our problems. Below are some tips to find your Sankalpa.

Know your WHY.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, maybe search deeper for the real intention. Are you searching for self-confidence? Are you wanting to feel loved? Do you believe that once you are fit and healthy and have more energy, you can develop a better relationship with your partner or children? Understanding your WHY can help you redirect behaviour towards aligning with your purpose and therefore motivate you to succeed in your resolve.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

The law of attractions states that we will attract whatever we focus on. If we focus on our problems, we create more problems! If you want to quit smoking, focus on becoming healthy. If you want a thriving business, focus on the opportunities. If you want to improve your relationships, focus on your partner’s strengths.

Base your Sankalpa on a quality you wish to cultivate.

Superficial goals are often based on a desire to cultivate a particular quality. For example, the desire for financial success can represent a freedom, status, achievement, dedication, discipline, strength, being able to provide for the family or creating an enjoyable life. Focus on the quality you wish to cultivate become that person and your behaviours will follow.

Know that what you are seeking is already within you.

Meditate on what you desire. Draw on moments that provide evidence that you can already create the feeling or quality that you wish to cultivate. Understand that you do not need to be fixed. When setting your Sankalpa, set it in the present tense. Start your intention with ‘I am…’ You already have everything you need, you just need to do the inner work to cultivate more of it in life.

If you want to learn more about setting your Sankalpa, join Stacey and I at Yoga 202 this Saturday for our Sankalpa Workshop. This will include a cacao ceremony, tools to help you uncover your true desires, and a beautiful Yoga Nidra.

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