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Signs that you are living out of alignment and what to do about it.

Do you ever feel stressed, burnt-out, like you are doing way too much and perhaps even resenting others or your job and feeling constantly drained? These might be signs that you are living out of alignment with your core values.

When we are living in alignment with what really matters to us, aspects of our life start to flow with ease. Life ebbs and flows. There are times of struggle and times of bliss, nothing is permanent. But how to we create more times where we feel like life flows without the constant effort and stress?

Becoming aware.

The first step is to recognise that we are out of alignment. Signs that you are not living your core values may be:

· Feeling drained with every-day life and relationships

· Resenting the things that you do for others or in your job

· Not enjoying your job

· Not feeling like yourself

· Feeling physically and mentally exhausted

· Lack of confidence and self-esteem

Sometimes we are so busy trying to do all of the things, that we realise we are focusing our time and energy in the wrong places. Finding moments of stillness and a regular meditation practice is a great way to become aware of how we are feeling and start to dive deeper into our values.

Getting clear on our values.

Getting clear on what is important to us is a great way to live a life that is more aligned with our values, dreams and purpose. We can do this by using visualisation to imagine a time when we felt like our best self, when life was flowing with ease, and everything seemed to be working for us. We can also use journaling for deep inquiry. Some questions questions that may help us with this are:

· What is really important to me?

· What would I be doing right now if there were no obstacles?

· What lights me up?