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Five reasons to go to a yoga retreat.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Stop putting it off and just go!

Do you feel you need to take a break from every-day life and just reset? Yoga retreats have become extremely popular with many travellers and people who just want to get away for the weekend. So many people are swapping the usual hectic holiday for a break that involves self care and rejuvenation. For me, drinking every day, eating crap food and returning home even more tired and exhausted after a holiday has lost its appeal. Every time I attend a yoga retreat, I return home feeling rested and energised with a new lease on life. Here are five more reasons YOU need to attend a yoga retreat.

1. A chance to get away and relax

This is goes without saying. The whole point of a yoga retreat is to relax, isn’t it? However, many of us have holidays where we get caught up in doing so many activities that we forget to take some time out for ourselves. The primary goal of yoga is meditation and whilst not everyone can sit for hours on end in a trance-like state, by attending a yoga retreat you will learn many tips to will help to calm the busy mind, relax and become more productive. Yoga retreats are generally set in beautiful locations such as the ocean or the outback (see photos of our past Yoga Retreats at Fraser Range Station and Esperance), which, even without yoga, provides a calming environment where you can wind down and experience a sense of peace.

2. Meet like-minded people and make new friends

For me, this is one of my favourite parts of being involved in retreats. People who attend seem to be on the same page. We all want to improve our health and well-being, have an amazing experience and learn a little more about yoga. While you are on your retreat, you can forget about whinging Karen from the office and be surrounded by positive people. Yoga retreats are full of good vibes! You can attend a retreat not knowing anyone and end up with some lifelong friendships.

3. Deepen your yoga practise

Yoga classes are a fantastic way to learn how to relax and meditate (or even get fit if power yoga is your thing), however there is only so much you can do in a 60-minute class. Attending a yoga retreat will allow you to fully immerse yourself in yoga without outside distractions. You can learn about how to improve your alignment, breathing techniques and even various aspects of yoga philosophy. I have learnt something new after every retreat I have attended. During a retreat there is more time to dive deeper into the practise. Find out more about how to deepen meditation for beginners here.

4. Break free of your roles in life

Sometimes we allow our roles in our lives to define who we are. When you attend a yoga retreat you leave your job, family and other responsibilities at home. You are in a peaceful environment that allows you to reconnect with who you really are. Giving ourselves some space to do the inner work can actually improve our relationships at home because yoga can improve our mindset and allow us to respond consciously to situations in our lives.

5. Becoming healthier and fitter

Yoga retreats are generally focused towards health and well-being rather than partying all night long. Think nature walks, swimming in the ocean or learning some ways to become mindful and an overall happier person. You may notice a change in your mindset within a few days and will learn positive habits to incorporate into your everyday life so improve your energy, happiness and ability to deal with stress.

If you are thinking about attending a yoga retreat, it is probably a sign that you need to go! Go to the retreat section to check out our latest Yoga Retreat.

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